Litigation refers to the resolution of a complaint through the court system. Williams Solicitors have years of experience in the court process, and can help you in any scenario – whether you have filed the case or had a case filed against you. We keep you informed throughout the process, from estimates of cost to case developments.

We have strong working relationships with barristers and other legal professionals, and can call of their expertise where relevant. We work hard to achieve the best outcome for your case, and where appropriate in settlement discussions we work hard to recover costs you incurred during the litigation process.

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We specialise in the areas of:


The settlement of a dispute outside the court via a third party. We assist with negotiations to ensure you get the best outcome possible.

Commercial Disputes

Commercial disputes involve any disputes between merchants, bankers/ financiers, and traders. Often deals with areas of partnership agreements, insurance and intellectual property rights.

Contractual Disputes

We can assist with disputes related to business, employment and partnership contracts.

Corporate Disputes

A corporate is a business structure or a legal form of organisation. Disputes can arise around the creation, management or dissolving of the legal entity. We can assist with understanding your legal rights and the negotiation process.

Property Disputes

We can assist with disputes involving residential property, industrial or commercial property, rural property or vacant land. Issues may arise in areas including ownership, title deeds, inheritance, sales, purchases, tenant rights and neighborhood negotiations.

Australian Consumer Law

Australian consumer law is designed to protect the rights of the consumer and includes rights to repairs, replacements and refunds as well as compensation for loss or damage. We can assist you in your rights both as a consumer and as a merchant.

Debt Recovery

Debt recovery is not always an easy process especially when other legal claims are at play. We can offer you legal support and guidance through the process of recovering what is owed.

Magistrates, District and Supreme Court matters

We can guide you through the court process whether you have lodged a complaint or had one lodged against you.

Federal Crcuit Court

The federal circuit court deals with cases involving administrative law, bankruptcy, consumer law, human rights, industry, intellectual property, privacy and migration. Should you lodge a case or have a case lodged against you in the circuit court, we can provide you with sound advice and support to get you through.

Unitholder Disputes

A unitholder is an investor who owns one or more units in an investment trust or business. Where disputes arise, we can review contracts and negotiate on your behalf.

Executors or beneficiaries in deceased estates

We can support you through the complexities of managing a deceased estate, assisting with negotiations on your behalf and provide you with the best legal outcome possible.


The division of cases is generally determined on monetary value, with each court handling cases of a predetermined value. The Supreme Court of Australia takes the highest values cases.

Nine out of ten cases are solved through mediation. The court system is inherently unpredictable, and, to ensure a satisfactory resolution for all parties involved, mediation is usually the best option.

Yes we can help with the removal of a unitholder in a trust. This process is generally required when a unitholder is not offering sufficient contribution. If there is not established mechanism for the removal of a unitholder the process can be difficult and time consuming. For advice tailored to your situation contact us on (07) 5612 7175.