At Williams Solicitors we offer our services to both employers and employees.

We assist business owners in foundational areas such as the drafting of contracts for both employee and executives and the writing policies and procedures in concerning discrimination, harassment, occupational health and safety and discipline.

For employees, we understand that it is often hard to find clear information about your rights. Our services are designed to provide simple and easy to follow advice surrounding issues of contract, unfair dismissals and workplace rights.

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In Queensland Contracts are often signed before a solicitor is engaged. At Williams Solicitors we can provide you with a review of your standard contract before you sign it and advise you of the critical information that you need to be aware of BEFORE you sign.

We can help in areas such as:

Unfair dismissal

We can assist both employers and employees to understand their rights around the dismissal of staff.

General protection claims

General protection claims are intended to protect workplace rights and guard employees against discrimination and other unfair treatment. Claims can be lodged if an employee feels that they have been refused employment or dismissed based on an infringement of their workplace rights.

  • Drafting or reviewing employment contracts

  • Restraint of trade provisions

Employment contracts often include restraint of trade provisions to protect the business after an employee leaves the company. This includes non-compete clauses which prevents a person moving to a company in direct competition for a certain period of time.

Advising on appropriate awards

Industry awards cover pay rates, method of payment, hours and overtime, workplace conditions, breaks, holiday leave, sick leave, loading pay, dangerous work cover and employment and termination procedures.

Auditing of employer systems

The frequency and depth into which these audits can take place.


Employment laws do not differ between industries. Everyone is covered by the Australian Fair Work Act, which is a uniform act across all industries. Where laws do differ between industries are with the Awards.

If you believe you have been unfairly dismissed, you have 21 days or three working weeks to lodge an unfair dismissal case. Following the 21 day window you can no longer pursue a legal case against an employer. In circumstances of unfair dismissal it is vital that you contact a lawyer immediately to get the ball rolling. For more information, or to start the legal process, contact us on (07) 5612 7175.

Auditing a company system is crucial in keeping up-to-date with the latest changes to laws. Employment laws in particular are prone to frequent changes, especially when a new government takes over. To ensure that you are not caught out when an issue arises, a system audit every year or two is essential.

An Unfair Dismissal Claim is for instances where you’ve been dismissed by an employer based on your gender, sexual orientation, religious views or workplace bullying. A General Protection Claim covers the above, but is applied to employees who haven’t been dismissed and therefore still work in the difficult situation. A general protection claim can be used in the negotiation process to secure better rights and circumstances in your workplace.

Yes we are able and do encourage employees to approach us to review a restraint of trade provision.