Commercial law is central to every business. It is important to consult a lawyer before committing to any contract or lease, and Williams Solicitors provide sound advice on a range of topics.

We work closely with other members of your team, such as accountants or bank managers, to provide you with a streamlined service. A team approach is particular crucial for start-up companies, and we can assist with the initial set up stages including strategic planning, funding management, state or federal involvement and international licensing.

We offer a tailored service for every client, providing appropriate advice that is right for whatever stage your business is at.

Our areas of expertise include:

This is crucial for any first time business owner as it can help to avoid headaches further down the track. We offer advice in areas such as contracts, funding, partnerships and employee rights.

This includes trademark and copyright issues.

We can provide an assessment of the state of the business as well as help with negotiations and contracts.

We can assist with the legal processes around business operations and decision-making.

We can advise you with issues around workplace health and safety, harassment or discrimination claims, unfair dismissal, or broken contracts.

A scheme where employers offer shares or the option to acquire shares in the company to valued employees. We can offer assistance in the writing of the formal policy, and advice around legal percentages for each employee.

We can assist with negotiations and the drafting or reviewing of contracts in instances of partnerships, the restructuring of your business or the establishments of trusts.

We offer services for both sides (employer and employee) and can help with the drafting of contracts to include policies around harassment, discrimination, workplace health and safety, and the dissolution of contracts. We can also offer  you advice on confidentiality laws and agreements.

This covers the tax laws for individuals or corporations and includes income tax, estate tax, business tax, employment/payroll tax, gift tax and import/export taxes.

We can assist with negotiations between shareholders as well as the drafting or reviewing of contracts.

The process of putting into place legal agreements or plans for the future owner/leader of a company. This helps secure the company against any unforeseen events and simplify the process during difficult times.

Whilst joint ventures are not always legally binding, it is always a good idea to have a contract in place to avoid serious issues down the line. We can assist with negotiations as well as drafting or reviewing contracts.

Debt collection can be an uncomfortable experience. The recovery of funds is not always straight forward and can be tied up with complaints about the business or the service provided. It requires tact and discretion to handle it well, something that years of experience have given Williams Solicitors.

Drafting and reviewing leases in commercial and retail spaces.

An agreement put in place between the loaner and the lender which includes the reasons for the loan and stipulates how it will be repaid. We can assist in the different stages of negotiation as well as the drafting or reviewing of loan agreements.

For commercial disputes which may involve matters of commerce, merchandise, trade and sales.


As a law firm we are unable to give financial advice regarding an end of year tax return. However, if you have received a notice from the tax office claiming an offense has been committed, we are able to work with your accountant and advise on the legal implications.

Lease agreements do differ from state to state however there are crossovers in some specific areas. Williams Solicitors are specialists in Queensland property, commercial and industrial law.

There are no limits to the number of parties involved in a joint venture. However, joint ventures are becoming less common with clients turning towards Shareholder Agreements as a safer and easier option. For more information and advice on your options, contact us on (07) 5612 7175.

Without a doubt every company should have a succession plan in place. Should a director or shareholder pass away, the succession plan outlines the process of dividing the shares or installing an interim director until a permanent one can be appointed. A succession plan keeps a company alive and running during an often difficult time.